The Fitness Trainer Fast Track:

If You Stop Making These 5 Marketing Mistakes as an Online Trainer, You’ll Sell Fitness Packages for $2000+, Have an Overflow of Inbound Leads and Finally Scale to Over $30,000 a Month Consistently: A 5-Day Course

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My name is Nicolas Bueno and in under 9 months I helped Cory Armstrong get from $10k a month to $50k a month consistently. In the last 18 months I've made my clients over $1M in total revenue. Now I want to share everything I know with you.

"If you want to work with Bueno I have to ask: 'Do you like money?' Because if so, you need to work with him.'" - Cory Armstrong

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Day 1: Mistake # 1 - Why You’re Getting Lost In the Crowd Of Online Trainers (And How to Position Yourself as an In Demand High-Ticket Trainer)Day 2: Mistake #2 - Why Potential Clients Don’t Care About Your Offer (And How to Make Them View It as a NEED)Day 3: Mistake # 3 - Why Your Current Content Sucks (How to Become the Most Interesting and Valuable Trainer on Their Feed)Day 4: Mistake # 4 - The Psychological Trick That Will Rewire Your Audience’s Brain (How to Give Your Leads FOMO by Not Working With You)Day 5: Mistake # 5 - Your Lack of Systems is Killing Your Business (And How To Build A Lead Generation Machine That Turns Cold Leads Into Clients On Autopilot)

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